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Persevering as a Writer

Posted on February 3, 2016 at 8:15 AM


If you want to be a writer, or artist of any kind, without perseverence, it's extremely unlikely to happen. If perseverence is not easy for you, this blog will be helpful. If there is one thing I know and understand, it's perseverence. 

The one constant in my life has been my desire to write. As a child I loved to read. We didn't have much money but my grandmother bought me a Golden Book about a character named Tom Terrific when I was three. I remember sneaking the book under my pillow so I could read in bed and sleep with it at night. I slept with that book the way other three year olds sleep with teddy bears and to this day can't fall asleep without reading. 

This leads me to my first tip for those who want to persevere long enough to succeed as a writer: FIND ALLIES

My grandmother was my first ally. She saw the artist in me early on and nurtured me. This made it OK that most people in my life were not interested in understanding this aspect of who I was, or even made fun of me. Because being a writer is about way more than writing things down. It's looking at the world honestly and understanding the importance of seeing all that is beautiful as well as all that is harsh, even ugly. When you are able to see the world with this kind of integrity and write about it, with practice, you can become a good writer. With every day practice and perseverence you can even become a great writer.

Just one ally can give us the strength and faith to be who we are and to continue writing. I began my life with one ally. Now I have many. If you don't have allies, you can find them. Take a writing class. Start a writing group or a school club. Find people online. Find people you can trust and who believe in you. Above all, every day, especially the hard days, believe in yourself and keep writing.


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